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camille rogine photography

I'm a professional photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I create unique portraits through genuine connections with my clients.

A passion for fine art and women's advocacy infuses my work.

Portraits are about realizing
your many facets. 


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Couples sessions are about creating a beautiful situation in which you can be yourselves.

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Family sessions are about fostering comfort and connection.



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 behind the lens

I lived many lives before I became a portrait photographer. My most recent transition was taking a leave from medical school to pursue my art. It's a long story. Put simply, there are too many parts of me for a linear life to contain.

I’ve opted to use this as a strength. My work in medicine, fine art, and women’s advocacy enriches the way I see, navigate the world, and take photographs. In this way, I see portrait photography as transformative—a way to shift the way that women are seen and see themselves. 

My favorite things →


Thinking about time and memory and the way we write and rewrite our lives. 

Roland Barthes and Walter Benjamin on photography and film.



Paper novels - still.

Real notebooks with unlined paper. 

Restaurants that forgive me for a solo dinner reading Susan Sontag. 



When women have the space to be whoever they are. 

"If you are looking for a photographer to capture your spirit, I'm confident Camille is the one to do it."

"Camille has a way of getting her subjects to forget she's there, and that made all the difference in obtaining a natural expression out of [my fiancé] and out of me...I recognize expressions in myself and in him that only family and very close friends have seen, and they capture the essence of our relationship."

"She took the time to get to know me, listen to my story, and skillfully convey that through the lens. She made me feel so at one point, I forgot I had met her just that day!"

"This was easily one of the most affirming and stress-free photography experiences I've had."

"Needless to say working with Camille has been an absolute joy and breeze. She saved me so much anxiety by her thoughtfulness and attention to detail."

"She really made the whole experience fun and comfortable, and even though I came in a little nervous, I felt so confident as we warmed up. Even more so when I saw the photos, as there were sooo many good ones to choose from!"

"I did a headshot session with Camille for my interior design business and I loved the results! Camille wanted to get a feel for my work before our session, and she had lots of great suggestions and direction during the shoot. I would definitely recommend working with her!"

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