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I think of photographs as creations, more than captures

When I think about montage, I think about photos as raw materials, as the medium for creation.

What originally pulled me into photography was both physical and philosophic. I loved layering negatives upon one another and considering the implications of that. I was merging space-time.

I was suggesting a moment that never existed.

I wasn't creating a world from scratch--instead, I was using real moments and places to skew it. This thrilled me. 

 behind the lens

I see photography as transformative -- a way to shift how we see and see ourselves.
I entered my first darkroom at Swarthmore College and was immediately hooked. At Swarthmore I practiced double exposure photography—which allowed me to merge moments and ideas—and macro photography, which connected my studio work to my biology studies. After college, photography still infused my pursuits: in a neurology lab I investigated pathways of learning and memory through microscopy, as a teacher I designed and taught a course that was half biology lab and half photography studio, and at Kaiser I founded an Art Program in the Pediatric Infusion Center. Throughout all of this, photography was a constant—a way for me to merge, create, and see deeply. 

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