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I think of photographs as creations, more than captures

When I think about montage, I think about photos as raw materials, as the medium for creation.

What originally pulled me into photography was both physical and philosophic. I loved layering negatives upon one another and considering the implications of that. I was merging space-time.

I was suggesting a moment that never existed.

I wasn't creating a world from scratch--instead, I was using real moments and places to skew it. This thrilled me. 

 behind the lens

I lived many lives before I became a professional photographer. My most recent transition was leaving medical school to become a professional photographer and artist. It's a long story. But mostly, there are just too many parts of me to contain and I'm highly skilled in the art of transition and transformation. So whether you're enriching your life  or moving in a different direction, I'm your girl.

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