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There is something incredible about getting up close. You notice the detail, the intricacy, woven into our world.

In some ways, microscopes were my first cameras.

I loved biology early on. I loved the uncovering of layers--organs to cells to organelles--and processes: yes water traveled up roots, but how. This was how I'd end up in the lab past midnight, peering into the microscope, watching cell walls fluoresce. 

Seeing was magic.

Seeing was everything--mystery and understanding, all at once. Understanding because I saw the levels of this thing or that phenomenon. Mystery because this meant that every single thing in this world was full of that much complexity.

 behind the lens

I see photography as transformative -- a way to shift how we see and see ourselves.
I entered my first darkroom at Swarthmore College and was immediately hooked. At Swarthmore I practiced double exposure photography—which allowed me to merge moments and ideas—and macro photography, which connected my studio work to my biology studies. After college, photography still infused my pursuits: in a neurology lab I investigated pathways of learning and memory through microscopy, as a teacher I designed and taught a course that was half biology lab and half photography studio, and at Kaiser I founded an Art Program in the Pediatric Infusion Center. Throughout all of this, photography was a constant—a way for me to merge, create, and see deeply. 

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